February 22, 2017

Version 0.2. Drill Downs

Drill Downs

Previously it was only possible to see whether a team won or not:

Premier League changes

Now you can drill down to matches and teams:

New Website

Initially the script itself and the website with examples had lived in the same repo and had used the same infrastructure. This was embarrassing in many ways: unnecessary classes in CSS, testing nightmare and messy code…

So we separated the script and the website into two different repositories with independent deployment.

Check our new website out at replaytable.com, you’ll find new examples together with their code.

Breaking change. The only downside is that old embeds don’t work any more. You should replace them with the new code provided next to each table. Note that the table height is no more constant due to the team level drill down.


We used to have a bunch of parameters like seasonName and roundName to specify terms. But with drill downs came even more labels and it became apparent that there’s too much data- params to specify.

So we combined them into one parameter — terms. Specify the terms you need using an object like this: { ‘round’: ‘Race’, ‘item’: ‘Driver’ }.

Soon-to-be-breaking change. The deprecated labelName parameters work for now but we’ll get rid of them completely soon.

Minor improvements